Overview of this template
This template features Lightning McQueen and Sally from the DISNEY PIXAR animated movie CARS. In order to edit this template without messing it up, you need to know some CSS (enough to understand font colors and text formatting at least). This template uses FLOATING LAYERS to position the elements in their correct places and XHTML Transitional. DO NOT edit the floating elements AT ALL.

Checked with IE7, FF, Opera, Netscape; corrected using XHTML Validator.
Editing this template's menu
The menu consists of layers formatted with CSS. You need to have knowledge of CSS to edit the menu. Otherwise, only edit the links themselves and not the look and feel of the menu.

If you decide to edit more than simply the links, you've been warned. The menu is rather complex, but outligned clearly in index.htm. The MENU.HTM file packed with this template is the original file explaining the menu. Refer to it if you need to.

Also, feel free to replace the menu with another menu, or simply text, if you prefer to. But NOTICE that if you do so, it may disrupt formatting and mess this template up.
Template notices and copyrights
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU ALLOWED TO REMOVE THE FOOTER NOTICES! The graphics used do NOT belong to me, so removing the footer information concerning that section is not allowed. Also, removing my credit is PROHOBITED because I spent time, effort, and creativity to build this template 100% myself. If you remove the credit, you're slamming a weight in my face.
Editing this template's graphics
To edit the images, open the BLANK copy of the image you wish to edit and overwrite the original with the edited image.
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